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After the Party, A Clean Home

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A lot of people may think that a flat with five guys living on it would be a pig sty. Men are basically pigs who do not clean after themselves, leave clothes on the floor at the exact spot where they took them off, run after eating without putting soiled dishes in the sink, and most of all, do not have any clue what the words “flush” and “put down the toilet seat” mean.

Actually, some of them are quite far from the truth. The clothes, yes, they are usually left anywhere but the hamper. The beds are usually left unmade. But for the dishes, guys usually love making them clean (we love playing with water). As for the toilet seats, that’s just a given, because we are always on a rush. But all in all, as a whole, I think guys are way cleaner than girls.

In the first place, we do not have monthly periods. Those tampons can be a mess when they’re supposed to be disposed. We do not have those problems. Also, we do not have hair that’s too long that it clogs the drain even after just one shower. And as I’ve said earlier, we’re good with anything that has water, so we actually like doing the laundry and the dishes. Besides, those clothes that are just strewn everywhere – they can be used again after a few days! Alas, we do not have that many clothes.

But yes, as college guys, we definitely have a huge need for San Mateo janitorial maintenance services. When, you ask? Every weekend, that’s when! Do you honestly believe that our flat does not see any action with booze on Friday nights? College is all about studies, getting some idea of what your life has in store for you (not a must, though), and knowing how much alcohol you could take. It’s really a journey to self-discovery. And while these weekly weekend parties give us a good idea of who we are, it definitely makes our flat a hazard zone at EPA standards.

And do you actually expect any of the five occupants of the flat to do a cleaning come Sunday when the party is over? Definitely not! Not when everyone has the biggest hangovers only surpassed by the hangovers they have the next week. Cleaning while having a hangover? Not a great idea. Especially when the smell of disinfectant can make you puke any time, which would add to more things to clean.

That’s why we trust JL Agredano to make our flat habitable. I had them clean our place since our first party in our freshman year and they have never failed. Now, you may think, that San Mateo restroom cleaning capabilities of JL Agredano comes handy to them. And you are definitely right. The toilet is one of the dirtiest places ever after a party, with the possible puke and other stuff I dare not mention left behind.

I also trust JL Agredano for their San Mateo kitchen cleaning expertise, with all that happens in the kitchen, from spilled drinks, stepped on chips, and melted ice all over the floor. I cannot imagine myself spending my entire Sunday slaving away, making the flat liveable again. Well, thank goodness for JL Agredano, we guys can party and live in our decked out flat at the same time.



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