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Carpet Cleaning for the Uninitiated


As a new homeowner, carpeting my entire house is a major investment for me. Having wall to wall carpeting in all my rooms gives my house the look of luxury. But I also know that to keep this look of luxury, I have to make sure my investment is cleaned and maintained properly all the time. I wouldn’t want the ladies visiting my flat to get disgusted with my dirty carpets. That would just destroy my style! Besides, I dread the day that I would get an infection or some disease because of whatever bacteria has been growing in my carpet!
I have been advised that the easiest way to get carpets cleaned is to engage a reliable carpet cleaning service. My friends say I should probably do this only once or twice a year, but I somehow get itchy with the idea. Imagine, living with a carpet that only gets thoroughly cleaned once annually and having to contend with vacuum cleaning for the rest of the year. I am definitely not the cleanest person I know, but I couldn’t bear thinking of those unseen germs just multiplying in the carpet. It’s like taking a shower without scrubbing yourself with soap!
When I got my flat carpeted and all, I still didn’t know the first thing about hiring people to do the job, meaning carpet cleaning and the works. I didn’t even know that steam carpet cleaning is the more superior way of cleaning carpets, because it is more thorough in removing dirt down to the fibers, rather than just getting a surface cleaning of your carpet. But my contractor advised me of this carpet steam cleaning thing, and so I went to look for the company that would do that as well as do regular cleanings of my place. I do not have the time to clean my kitchen and all the rooms, but I certainly don’t want to live in a pigsty!
So, I got to making a list of all carpet steam cleaning establishments in San Mateo and narrowing them down to three. Actually, there are quite a number of places that offer the service, but I realized having your carpets cleaned is not the most affordable thing you can spend on. I don’t want to pay for services that end up shoddy, so I demand only the best.
From among my three prospects, I have had one of them give me a price list over the phone. After what seemed a breathless monologue of their services and price range, the guy I was speaking to started to badger me into signing up for them. They haven’t even seen my place! What if my entire floor was soaked in wine? Would they still charge me the same price? I knew I had to cross out that prospect right away.
And so I went with JLAgredano, a trusted San Mateo firm that has been in the business for more than 20 years. I was not pressured into getting their services, and they gave me an estimate after they actually paid a visit to my place. More than professional, the staff was friendly and the cleaners demonstrated they actually knew what they were doing! I was presented with a guarantee that the work will be repeated if I was not satisfied, but I don’t think I would be taking that anytime. I was actually impressed by the offer. Those money-back guarantees are a rather cowardly way of companies not confident they could do the job properly.
For anyone looking for a company specializing in carpet steam cleaning and more in San Mateo, I highly recommend JLAgredano, where you truly get your money’s worth.

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