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Confessions of a Rich Girl On Cleaning Services

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San Mateo Kitchen Cleaning

I have no defense for it, and unfortunately, there is no nice way of saying this, so here it goes: I admit; I am a slob.

Don’t judge me! I mean, I would not say that I grew up being spoiled by my parents. I wouldn’t classify myself as a spoiled rich brat. I know how to say please and thank you. I do not have haughty airs nor look down on people with humble means, but I definitely have to say I grew up in a comfortable setting. I need not lift a finger after I finish eating because there would be someone to bring my dishes to the sink and wash them. Once I wake up and go to the bathroom, I come out of the shower and my bed is made already. The only laundry rule I know is to not mix whites with colors, but I would be damned if I have ever turned a knob on a washing machine. It was just the way I was raised – someone was always cleaning after me, whether I have made a mess or not.

But all of these changed when I went to college. From the comforts of New England, I transported myself to the Golden State. I figured I need to be independent, start to gain experience and much-needed maturity. I cannot be mom and dad’s princess forever, right? I am open to new experiences, exploring what the world has to offer on my own.

Well, not really. I will tell you why.

So, I rented this two-bedroom apartment (of course, parents shouldered the rent) and had one other girl occupy the other room (she pays me rent and I pocket it because pops already paid for the rent, more money for me ha!). For the first month, everything was smooth sailing and fine, she and I got alone very well and we just clicked. However, when October arrived, something changed. The house just became dirtier and dirtier until it because a huge area filled with piles – laundry, dishes, magazines, and trash! Emily (that’s her name) one day just confronted me and said she has been cleaning the whole place on her first month, and she expects me to do my share of the cleaning as well.

What? Me? Clean? I sat there stunned, embarrassed that Emily had to clean everything for a whole month and me not even recognizing all her hard work. But then, there has to be a way to make our apartment clean again without me cleaning. It’s not that I do not want to learn how to clean. It’s just that I think cleaning requires a lot of time and effort, something that I would rather spend both on other things, like checking out the best bargain outlet malls in the vicinity or interviewing tutors so I could maintain a 4.0 GPA.

I cried over the phone to my mom, resigned that after 18 years, I may just have to start knowing how to clean and accepting the fact that being independent includes the responsibility of making where you live clean. In between sobs, my mom asked me, “Have you thought about hiring a San Mateo janitorial maintenance services company? I was like, why didn’t I think of that?

Getting some referrals were easy because I marched to the guidance office and told them my dilemma. They gave me the name JL Agredano for my San Mateo restroom cleaning and other sanitation concerns. Perfect! I could spend the rent Emily pays me to let JL Agredano clean our apartment regularly, and we could all live peacefully without having to think about, much more do actual cleaning!

For anyone with San Mateo kitchen cleaning, room cleaning, and or general janitorial concerns, I suggest you don’t waste time and give JL Agredano a call now. That’s a lot of effort, energy, time, and worries saved!

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