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Even Small Business Need Janitorial Services

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When other small enterprise owners got wind that I was looking for San Mateo janitorial services, they tell me I am making a huge mistake. After all, I only have 8 employees with a two-room office in a three-storey building. They think that it is an extravagance to pay for people to clean such a small office space. They think I should exert more effort in looking for ways to maximize my profits to achieve growth rather than spend money on luxuries such as a cleaning service. But I beg to differ.

My company’s office has only been in existence for four months, and for the first two months, I did not have a cleaning or janitorial service to speak of. Everyone, including me, took turns in vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the desks, emptying the trash bins, and perhaps the task everybody seemed to want to avoid, cleaning the unisex toilet and sink. Since we were nine all in all, took turns in doing the cleaning, with my guys partnering with each other to finish the daily tasks after work. The partners divided the work, and by the end of the week, everyone, including me, did the bigger tasks – scrubbing the toilet tiles, applying carpet freshener, and cleaning the glass windows.

I thought the system was running pretty smoothly until the second month. Suddenly, one or two employees started excusing themselves, coming up with excuses like they have to get off work early or switch schedules to attend their kids’ PTA meeting or run an errand. Then, a full-out fight happened when one of my employees complained that her partner is slacking off, letting her do all the cleaning by herself. On his defense, the accused slacker belted out something that made me realize the system is getting to them in a bad way, “I didn’t know being an IT guy involves cleaning a toilet bowl. I did not sign up for this!”

I was defensive right away! I reasoned that everyone is carrying their weight in the cleaning tasks, and for our office to function properly, it has to be clean all the time. How can we attract clients with a dingy office that would look more like a warehouse than a professional looking one? Some voices of dissent started cropping up, saying that there are actually some of them who would rather prefer to do the cleaning than their work, and slacking in their main responsibilities because they would rather clean. Others said they are speeding up cleaning so they could go home right away. And then, there are those who claim that they are too tired after a day’s work to be responsible for cleaning.

So, I assured them that I would look for a janitorial service to clean the office regularly. I saw the services presented by JL Agredano, a firm specializing in San Mateo restroom cleaning among other janitorial maintenance tasks. After two weeks of my test run, I can feel the morale of all my employees shoot up. They became more focused on their work and not dreading the end of the day because they had to clean. Just like that, I knew janitorial services are definitely a worthy investment.

So, I do advice even owners of small business to hire janitorial maintenance services. They should just be choosy when picking the right firm. I am glad I found JL Agredano fast and stuck with their service.   For residences, they are also a good San Mateo kitchen cleaning firm, among other services they provide. Having a clean and presentable place to work or live is truly a must, and the investment surely brings back intangible but solid returns.,

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