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Learning the Importance of Carpet Cleaning, the Costly Way

When I moved to San Mateo a few years ago, I had no problems with my living conditions. As someone born and raised from the Pacific Northwest, I was so glad to have the Californian sunshine welcome me with open arms. I stayed in some motel for a few weeks until I got some office colleagues also from outside San Mateo to divvy up a

3‐room apartment. That arrangement went smooth sailing for a couple of years until one of us was relocated to Los Angeles, and a few months later, the other got engaged and moved in with his fiancée. As a result, I was left all alone, with a 3‐room apartment unit. I could not find two other guys in the office, and the thought of getting strangers to share my place was something I was not too excited about. So, after three years of staying in that apartment, I decided to move out and look for a place that’s just the right size, for me. After all, I am now a professional, and the era of having roommates has passed and should be left to the days of college carefree‐ness.

Alas, when I was about to get whatever security deposit I have with my landlord, I was met with shocking news. I will not receive any. The thing is, my flatmates and I did not trash the place at all. It was still pretty livable and actually, in good condition as each one of us started to leave. The landlord pointed out what I and my former co‐occupants thought was not an issue at all – the carpets, although reasonably clean, had a look that is obviously lived in, that meant that even if he hires professional carpet steam cleaning services at that point, the carpets would still retain some bad stains because it can’t be removed. That would be a violation of the contract, which states we can get back the full security deposit if the unit is handed back in reasonably the same condition when it was turned over to us four years ago. Those beer, wine, food, and go‐knows‐what have settled there for years, and it’s just impossible to get them out, even with professional steam carpet cleaning. Now, he has to use the deposit to replace the carpet. What a waste.

With that experience, I definitely learned my lesson – even with a handy vacuum cleaner, there is no replacement for professional carpet cleaning, and it has to be done regularly, like once a month! For my new place, as small as it is, I cannot lose my security deposit again just because of laziness or false thriftiness. I need to invest on professional steam carpet cleaning because my new place is carpeted as well. A single guy in his late 20s cannot just settle for any kind of carpet cleaning. It has to be the most thorough to clean the dirt an grown up guy can cause, something only steam carpet cleaning can deal with. That’s where this tried and tested San Mateo establishment, JLAgredano stepped in. After getting tons of recommendations and looking through reviews on the Internet, I have to go with JLAgredano, with its glowing reputation and expert cleaners guaranteeing the best steam carpet cleaning service possible. I can proudly say that I have living in my new place for a year, and my carpet is cleaner than when I moved in! I just know I would not have any problems with getting back my security deposit once I move out, thanks to JLAgredano.

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Learning the Importance of Carpet Cleaning, the Costly Way, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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