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Less Drama With JL Agredano

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Do you watch America’s Next Top Model? That show on TV wherein 10 or so impossibly thin (but Tyra throws in a couple of full figured women at times for a statement or political correctness) and beautiful ladies aspiring to be the world’s next Naomi Campbell or Heidi Klum live in one house and drama ensues?

Well, there are a lot of reasons to watch it, but what I love and can relate to the most of all is the domestic drama that happens in the top model house. And in just about each cycle (or season, in regular TV show parlance), one of the issues in the house would always be about cleanliness.  There are just girls who think they live in a hotel, and that someone would be cleaning after them, whether it’s their clothes, the dishes, or their hair clogging the drain. Then, one or two of the models would complain about the sanitation issue of their residence. What can you do? Some people are just spoiled since birth, not knowing how to do anything, much less operate a dishwasher. Then, there are those who do not really mean to be obsessive compulsive, but understand the cardinal rule when living with other people – always clean up after your mess.

When these things happen, people (particularly women) get defensive and combative. After all, who wants to have the reputation of being a slob? Women are supposed to be motherly and nurturing, and cleanliness is definitely a needed attribute to nurture life. So, when you are supposed to be a beautiful, statuesque woman with unkempt habits, that is kind of a turn-off, right? The girls start to call each other names, and the drama flares up, all because of an unwashed saucer or an un-flushed toilet. The claws come out and a full-blown catfight happens – television gold! Fans, including I, live for these moments. High in drama, people who watch the show usually base their favourites on whether who is the aggressor, who is the voice of reason, and who is just a plain old dingy slob.

This makes me think, if I were an aspiring model in the show and they are shooting the series in my side of California, I would just diffuse the drama with JL Agredano, a San Mateo janitorial maintenance services company. For icky drains with loads of hair, I trust JL Agredano’s cleaning experts on San Mateo restroom cleaning to leave the place so clean, it would be safe to even eat there. When it comes to San Mateo kitchen cleaning, I am sure the folks at JL Agredano will leave everything, from the stoves, pots, pans, floors, and countertops spotless. Those unmade beds because of early photo shoots will surely be made, and most of all, no ant or insect infestations (I remember in one cycle where they had bugs in the house because somebody left candy in her bag)!

I know that having JL Agredano may lessen the drama, something a lot of fans are looking forward to, but then, why rely on domestic drama when really good contestant who are there, driven to be the country’s next most recognizable face? Oh, if only Tyra and the producers would get JL Agredano’s services, ASAP!

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