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The Proof of the Cleaning is in the Drying

Getting a carpet cleaning service is a must in my case. How else can I cope with being a “single” mom of two good but very active kids and having a 9 to 5 office job? With my husband on active duty in the Middle East, being an army wife has its share of perks, and being able to single-handedly manage our household without any assistance is definitely not one of them. So, I get help in every way possible, especially in cleaning. I only have the weekends to squeeze in time for doing the laundry while the kids do the daily chores like making their beds in the morning before going to school and washing the dishes after dinner.

But then, our house happens to have carpeted bedrooms, and I don’t want to risk ruining the floor by trying to clean it myself. Aside from not having the time to do so, I think that in the long run, an improperly cleaned carpet can be a drain on the budget. Aside from the possibility of me and my kids getting sick because of carpets that aren’t cleaned properly, there’s also the possibility of the carpets getting worn out easily. If the carpets get damaged because I cleaned them myself, thinking I could save money by avoiding professional carpet cleaning services, then I would have to replace them. And that would be a bigger expense! So, to play it safe and wise, I get not just any professional help, but premium services from a firm specializing in carpet steam cleaning.

In the San Mateo area where I live, a lot of cleaning companies pride themselves as experts in carpet steam cleaning, but I know better than to just hire anyone. I go for a service that invests in professionals that really know how to clean carpets through the steam method. This is especially important in the drying process, as steam cleaning takes longer than other methods of carpet cleaning to fully dry. If done improperly, my carpets would end up damp, attracting more dirt and giving off that nasty smell. Imagine the smell of clothes that were washed but haven’t dried properly, and then you wear it. Worse, think of a stray dog that was left in the rain. Let me ask you, do you want that smell in your house? I don’t think so! The thing is, only a select number of companies really know how to finish the entire process of steam cleaning carpets. This task take time, even years to master.

That’s why I only trust JL Agredano Carpet Steam Cleaning and Janitorial. Their more than 20 years in the business speaks volumes of their work.  Hundreds of homes in San Mateo and surrounding areas have tried, tested, and can testify to how they do an excellent job in carpet steam cleaning. What’s more, they are also a reliable name in general janitorial works like bathroom and kitchen cleaning. I don’t know about you, but being in a tough situation like managing a household by myself, I cannot afford haphazard work from people I hire to help me. It’s such a huge relief to know I have JL Agredano on speed dial for reliable carpet steam cleaning services!

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The Proof of the Cleaning is in the Drying , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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