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When There’s Fire, There’s Smoke… And Smelly Carpets!

Just the past weekend, I had a rather quirky and scary adventure that turned out to be a rather educational experience in housekeeping. I live in the third floor of a five story building, which I think is a sweet deal, considering I have the entire floor to myself as a sort of pad. But nothing prepared me for what happened last week.

I was walking home from work when I saw a cloud of smoke coming from the building. As I inched closer, I saw fire trucks and just chaos everywhere. I immediately panicked as I was already thinking all my things are on fire and I’d be homeless.

When the smoke and debris settled, I only thanked my lucky stars it was actually the next building that got burned. Now, that was the good news. Bad news was I left my two windows facing that building open, so all the soot and smoke got in to my flat. Yes, that meant a lot of scrubbing the walls just to get rid of everything covered black. The thing was, after practically painting the wall with Lysol and Pine-sol, there was still a smoky stench in my flat. Alas, I realized that the smell of the smoke and the soot has been absorbed by my carpet. I sure do not want to lived in a place that smells charred the entire time unless I want to be awakened in the middle of the night thinking something’s burning! So, I went ahead and looked for a steam carpet cleaning firm. Looking for one is easy, but selecting the right one – now that’s a challenge!

In my snooping, I realized that various firms offering carpet steam cleaning services may be using the same method, but could utilize different sorts of equipment. What I was looking for was a company that uses equipment that’s the most advanced, with the highest quality, and considered state of the art. Removing spots, soil, dirt, and even the smells of a carpet varies with different pieces of equipment. In my case, I wanted to make sure that the equipment of the company I hire is the best in the industry. Some carpet cleaning firms do not even bother with wetting the floor, some leave your carpets damp, and some even leave residue that would surely disgust you if you walk on your carpet barefoot. Of course, these advanced pieces of equipment should be properly used by experts. If the firm employs people who do not know how these equipments work, then everything will just go to waste, and you will be paying for haphazard work.

Alas, knowing the guarantees you are presented should make the selection easier. All businesses will throw you everything, including the kitchen sink just to pull you in and hire them. You’ll be subject to all the sweet talk and discounts they can offer, but which should you go for? JL Agredano, the firm I got for carpet steam cleaning, made things simple in their guarantees. No money back guarantee or refund that will just let me look for a new firm to clean my carpet. I don’t need to look for friends to get a discount. JL Agredano simply guarantees they will repeat the job if I’m not satisfied with it. It does tell you how confident they are of their carpet cleaning abilities. Now, if that’s not a guarantee, nothing else is!

I got my carpets cleaned and smelling good, thanks to JL Agredano. I didn’t think I would be free from my smoke stretch dilemma that fast and easy. I have to say the fire was a sort of blessing in disguise, because now I have a dependable service for all my carpet steam cleaning needs. What’s more, I don’t think I’ll ever use their guarantee, because they’re just that good!

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When There’s Fire, There’s Smoke… And Smelly Carpets!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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